11 New Markets Added to the ‘No Charge to Charge’ Program

Nissan Motor Company has recently announced the addition of eleven (now totaling 35!) new markets across the United States to their ‘No Charge to Charge’ Program. The ‘No Charge to Charge’ Program allows new owners and lessee’s of the fully-electric Nissan LEAF to receive two years of free charging at public locations! Drivers can go from 0-80% charge in only 30 minutes, and each charge gives driver’s a range of up to 107 miles!

Electric vehicles, such as the LEAF, allow drivers to save money on fuel costs while reducing their carbon footprint. Nissan is committed to global sustainability, and is proud to announce the Nissan LEAF is the world’s best-selling, fully-electric vehicle. If you’re interested in finding out ways you can reduce carbon emissions or are interested in learning more about electric vehicles, visit the Ross Nissan of El Monte Showroom and speak with one of our sales professionals today!


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