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Nissan Triumphs over the Competition Again and Again. (And Again and Again and Again...)

Nissan has a long history of earning awards. The brand has been recognized over and over by consumer agencies as well as commercial and industry organizations. As a company, Nissan has earned accolades for cultural inclusivity (in the workplace as well as in advertisements), environmental responsibility, automotive design, and more.

Nissan's products themselves perennially stand out from the crowd. Below are a few of the recent awards and accolades that Nissan vehicles have garnered from various high-profile publications.

  • Best Pickup of the Year
  • SUV of the Year
  • Best 2-Row SUV for the Money
  • Family Car of the Year
  • Best Green Car Value
  • Best Resale Value
  • Best Fleet Value
  • And many more

Nissan vehicles have been featured in countless Top 10 lists, for things as general as "best interiors" and as specific as "best back-to-school cars." In addition to earning recognition as high-value vehicles, Nissan cars, trucks, and SUVs are often IIHS Top Safety Picks. Perhaps even above performance, value, and comfort, Nissan is committed to safety.

How Nissan Stacks up Against Segment Contenders

A lot of our customers want to know why we suggest choosing Nissan over other popular manufacturers. In most segments of the automotive market, competition is pretty tight. There are a lot of options out there, and a lot of them are really good. But we've provided some comparison pages for you here, so you can see why we consistently prefer Nissan models over comparable vehicles from other brands.

As an example, when we compare the Nissan Maxima base model with the Toyota Avalon base model, we see that the Nissan offers a lot of standard features that aren't available on the Toyota. Remote ignition, daytime LED running lights, parking sensors, and more are par for the course on the Nissan Maxima but not the Toyota Avalon.

Now you might say "aha- but what about the price! Am I paying more for the Nissan?" Fantastic question- no, you're not. The Nissan Maxima MSRP is lower than that of the Toyota, and it even provides more power for a better driving experience. (And the fuel economy is the same for both cars!)

We'll Choose Nissan Every Time

It's this sort of attention to detail that makes us fall in love with Nissan all over again every time it develops a new model or updates an old favorite. Nissan spends time and effort on the things that matter to drivers.

Any Nissan you drive will offer a comfortable ride. Nissan is renowned for providing fun performance, too- drivers gravitate to the brand if they're looking for something lively. Drivers tend to be loyal to this particular manufacturer because Nissan is loyal to its drivers.

As demonstrated in the Maxima-Avalon example, Nissan will pack more features into a lower trim level whenever possible while keeping the price tag relatively low. Sure, a company can get away with leaving fog lights and remote ignition off the base model to save a few bucks. That isn't how Nissan operates, though. When the engineers and designers can give you more features and keep a relatively low MSRP, you will get more features.

Experience the Extra Mile with Nissan

We want you to take advantage of photos, videos, and research- it's a good way to narrow down the options and see what might work for you. But no matter how much comparing and analyzing you do, you won't get the full Nissan experience until you visit our showroom and take your favorite models for a test drive.

Come see why people love their Nissans.

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